Old Glory and Oriole Landing HOA

Old Glory Oriole Landing Home Owners Association Inc., PO Box 439, St. Leonard, MD, 20685                                                                          

This site provides information for homeowners of the Old Glory and Oriole Landing neighborhoods in Saint Leonard, Maryland. 

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Latest News December 28, 2020:
The Board would like to welcome its new members beginning in 2021:
President - Josh Meyers
Vice President - Brian Read
Secretary - Marty Reynolds
Architectural Committee Chair - Rick Mongello
The outgoing Board Members would like to thank these folks for willing to volunteer their time to help support the neighborhood.  Please lend them your support.
November 24, 2020:

The HOA Annaul Meeting was held Sunday, October 4, 2020.  Attached are the minutes from the meeting.2020 Annual Meeting Minutes.pdf


Dear Homeowners, our HOA needs YOUR help!!

At this time last year, the HOA sent out a similar request for volunteers to serve on the Board.  Unfortunately, very little response was received.  I do want to thank those few who did respond.  As mentioned in last year’s notice, we have now reached the point where the terms of most of the current Board members will expire at the end of 2020.  The current members feel honored to have served as your HOA Board for the past 6 years.  However, we are ready to hand the Board responsibilities over to other capable individuals who are willing to support our neighborhood.

Last year we identified 2 options if we do not get any volunteers to serve on the Board.

Option #1:  The Board will propose hiring a property management firm to relieve some of the burden on the current Board members.  Initial estimates show an annual increase per homeowner of $75-$100 above the current dues depending on the services procured.

Option #2:  The HOA will cease to exist and the Board will move towards a formal dissolution of the HOA.  Upon dissolution, there will be no more upkeep of the common areas, which will likely result in lower property values. 

Neither of these scenarios is ideal, so we request that you seriously consider volunteering some of your time.  We would prefer to maintain the low dues that we have all experienced over the years, and we would love to keep the HOA managed by those who live here and have all of our best interests in mind.  BOTTOM LINE:  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

If you are interested, please come to our annual meeting, and we will address any questions or concerns regarding the duties and responsibilities of the HOA Board.  Or, you may contact us directly if you would like to discuss further.  We do thank those that have reached out to us already.

We have one more request.  WE NEED YOUR EMAIL.  If you have not been receiving emails from the HOA at oldgloryoriolelanding.hoa@gmail.com, please send us an email so we have it on record.    


Old Glory & Oriole Landing HOA Board


Old News

March 2018 - Home Security Reminder from the HOA Board: Neighborhood Security Notice.pdf


7/29/16 - The following newsletter was mailed to all homeowners regarding a storm water compliance issue from the Calvert County Government.  Please take heed of the details provided in the newsletter.  Also included are images of the approximate location of where the work will be done.  Please recognize that these images are a general representation of where the work will be performed.  The Board appreciates your support in this matter.

OGOLHOA Newsletter July 2016.pdf    Pond1.png    Pond2.png    Pond3.png


4/9/16 - One of the HOA signs is missing.  The Board would ask all homeowners to be on the lookout for the missing sign and to promptly notify one of the Board members at the email addresses below if it is located.  We are trying to avoid any additional costs to the homeowners to replace the sign. These signs are to remind homeowners of the meetings in hopes of getting more participation.  Thank you.  


A trash can has been placed at the Gazebo at Old Glory.  The HOA would appreciate neighborhood volunteers to pull the bag periodically.  Thank you for your support. 


2020 Dues are $145.00 and are due by February 24, 2020.  

The OG&OL HOA will now be sending out on-line invoices via e-mail and accepting credit card and on-line check payment.

If we have your e-mail address, we will send your bill electronically. This e-mail will come from “Old Glory and Oriole Landing Homeowners Association Inc. <quickbooks@notification.intuit.com>”

You have the option to pay on-line via credit card, on-line check payment, or you can always mail a check to the HOA Post Office box. There are no additional fees to the homeowner to pay on-line.


Board Members

Below are the current Officers and Board members. (replace *at@* with @ - this is used to reduce spam email) 

  • President: Josh Meyers -president*at@*ogolhoa.org
  • Vice President: Brian Read - vicepresident*at@*ogolhoa.org     
  • Treasurer: Debbie Petrow - treasurer*at@*ogolhoa.org
  • Secretary: Marty Reynolds - secretary*at@*ogolhoa.org
  • Board Member: Rick Mongello
  • Architectural Committee Chair: Rick Mongello - archcommittee*at@*ogolhoa.org     

Architectural Approval

Project Approval Request Form (pdf formatMS Word format)

Send completed form to the Architectural Committee Chair, at archcommittee*at@*ogolhoa.org.(replace *at@* with @)



Board Meetings

Monthly Board Meetings

The board meets every other month at 7:00pm on the first Thursday of the month.  In the summer, the meetings are in the Oriole Landing park area gazebo.  Winter locations vary.  Contact a board member for more information, as sometimes the meetings need to be rescheduled due to board member commitments.

Please contact the HOA Secretary (e-mail above) for minutes or other HOA documents.


 Please contact any Board member with questions or issues you have about the HOA.